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Welcome to the Peeragogy Handbook!

Peeragogy is a collection of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work. By learning how to "work smart" together, we hope to leave the world in a better state than it was when we arrived.

Indeed, humans have always learned from each other. But for a long time -- until the advent of the Web and widespread access to digital media -- schools have had an effective monopoly on the business of learning. Now, with access to open educational resources and free or inexpensive communication platforms, groups of people can learn together outside as well as inside formal institutions. All of this prompted us to reconsider the meaning of "peer learning."

The Peeragogy Handbook isn't a normal book. It is an evolving guide, and it tells a collaboratively written story that you can help write. Using this book, you will develop new norms for the groups you work with --- whether online, offline, or both. Every section includes practical ideas you can apply to build and sustain strong and exciting collaborations. When you read the book, you will get to know the authors and will see how we have applied these ideas: in classrooms, in research, in business, and more.


You'll meet Julian, one of the directors of a housing association; Roland, a professional journalist and change-maker; Charlie, a language teacher and writer who works with experimental media for fun and profit; and Charlotte, an indie publisher who wants to become better at what she does by helping others learn how to do it well too --- as well as many other contributors from around the globe.

The book focuses on techniques for convening a strong group, organizing a learning space, doing cooperative work, and conducting effective peer assessment. These major sections are complemented by a catalog of design patterns and notes on relevant technologies.

The next section is a guide to using the book, but, in brief, if you're reading this book on, please use the comment feature to share your thoughts, and if you're reading it on paper, get out your pen and start making notes.  The best way to get something out of Peeragogy is to put a lot into it.  We are always interested in more case studies, and anything that will improve the presentation and usefulness of this material, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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