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  We’re on live with the Peeragogy in Action Hangout on mMOOC project watch here or on YouTube! Welcome to the Peeragogy Handbook! Peeragogy is a collection of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work. By learning how to “work smart” together, we hope to leave the world in a better state than it was whenContinue Reading

11 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Pat Tymchatyn says:

    Wow! You people have been amazing! Good work!

  2. Thieme Hennis (@hennis) says:

    hi there. Thanks for compiling this book. I have a question, I have downloaded the ePub and it does not seem very polished. Is it correct that it is an older version of what is currently presented here online? Or am I mistaken and is the ePub up to date? Best regards,
    Thieme Hennis –

    • admin says:

      Hi Thieme: Yes, it’s an old version, indeed just a proof of concept. We’ll have a new PDF version and probably a new ePub version by Jan 1.

  3. Liza Loop says:

    I’ve just started exploring the material in Peeragogy so maybe I’ve missed what I’m looking for — Have you answered (or suggested the learn ask) these two questions:
    What turns me on or motivates me?
    What kind of learner am I?
    The text on this page appears to begin with “a motivated group of self-learners”. But not all self-learners want to work in groups even though many may want to use peers as resources. Also, motivation is key both to getting started learning something and to staying engaged. I’d like a handbook to cover these topics. Unless I find it’s already been done I’ll volunteer to write the chapters.

    • Joe Corneli says:

      Motivation gets a lot of discussion in the Peering into Learning article — and we’ll talk about quite it more in a forthcoming article on Project Management. What we don’t have yet is anything about “Peeragogy for One”, which I think would mostly relate to “weak ties”. If you start an article about that, I’ll have some things to contribute (drawing on a recent book by Burger & Starbird). Put a note in our G+ if you want to discuss more or share some draft material!

      For people who are interested in working in groups: our ideas about how to build a peer learning group are in the Convening section.

    • Joe Corneli says:

      Hi Liza: Please check out the paragraph I added to the end of the “Peer Learning” article — it begins to address the idea of peer learning without a “group”.

  4. Miguel Angel Perez says:

    Hi, There. How could we cooperate with this effort? I mean handbook effort. We have a course in the National Mexico University and we will analyze Peeragogy. We are using a Twitter Classroom to share ideas about Tech in education. Our hashtag is #tecedu. We are Pedagogy Students and teacher.

  5. Carolyn Berlin says:

    This is really great! I’m so excited to have found such a wonderful resource! :)

  6. Tina Willis says:

    Sounds like a concept perfectly aligned with your great work on Google Plus Charlotte Pierce. This book almost sounds like it could be re-titled as something related to social media but then maybe the concepts extend further into normal life. Anyway, congrats on the launch!

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