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Definition: It is very useful to have an up-to-date public roadmap for the project, a place where it can be discussed and maintained. The Roadmap exists as an artifact with which to share current, but never complete, understanding of the space.

Problem: Without a roadmap, there will not be a shared sense of the project’s goals or working methods. It will be much harder for people to volunteer to help out, or to assess the project’s progress.

Solution: Keeping a list of current and upcoming activities, as well as goals and working methods can help newcomers and old-timers alike see where they can jump in. As we cross things off the list, this gives a sense of the accomplishments to date, and any major challenges that lie ahead.


  • In the Peeragogy project, once the handbook’s outline became fairly mature, we could use it as a roadmap, by marking the sections that are “finished”, marking the sections where editing is currently taking place, and marking the stubs (possible starting points for future contributors). After this outline matured into a real table of contents, we started to look in other directions for things to work on, and created a roadmap for further development of the website and peeragogy project as a whole.

  • There can be a certain roadmappiness to “presentation of self”, and you can learn to use this well. For instance, when introducing yourself and your work to other people, you can focus on highlights like these:

    • “What is the message behind what you’re doing?”

    • “How do you provide a model others can follow or improve upon?”

    • “How can others get directly involved with your project?”

Challenges: Unless the roadmap is easy for people to see and to update, they are not likely to use it. In the Peeragogy Accelerator phase of the project, we’ve included a roadmap in the “behind the scenes” version of our landing page, we’re using it as a way to link to other documents we’re working on. Accordingly, people participating in the accelerator frequently encounter the roadmap as a “first level” object. All of this said, sometimes it’s impossible to know in advance what will happen! A roadmap that’s not quite right will feel burdening. Sometimes it’s better to become more open to the unknown.

What’s Next: Our roadmap document, which currently includes many sub-sections, needs refining and re-outlining. We’re hoping that our work in the Accelerator will inform the 3rd edition of the Peeragogy Handbook, so it’s useful to think about the roadmap as a table of contents for the book. However, since we are not just interested in writing activities, the current roadmap will develop in different ways than the first one did. A shared roadmap is very similar to a Personal Learning Plan, or “paragogical profile”. We made some examples of these as we worked on the Free Technology Guild, but more work would have to be done before we have a rich ecosystem of peer learning profiles that people can use to develop a peer learning plan.

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