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C’est la vie

Main Actors

Pierre and Marie – recently married.

Main Success Scenario

  1. They furnished off an apartment from a Sears & Roebuck sale. Their coolerator was crammed with TV dinners and ginger ale. (She couldn’t cook.)
  2. But when Pierre found work, the little money coming in worked out well. They got a hi-fi phono, and boy, did they let it blast — Seven hundred little EPs, all rock, rhythm and jazz.
  3. When the sun went down, the rapid tempo of the music sort of fell (for various reasons).
  4. They bought a souped up Mercedes — a cherry red ’53 — and drove it down to New Orleans to celebrate their anniversary.
  5. “C’est la vie,” say the old folks, “It goes to show you never can tell!”

(Après Chuck Berry.)


I tried to use the familiar song to suggest that pæragogy works in personal relationships, too.  Compare the above story with this quote from Leopold von Sacher-Massoch…:

“That woman, as nature has created her and as man is at present educating her, is his enemy. She can only be his slave or his despot, but never his companion. This she can become only when she has the same rights as he, and is his equal in education and work.”

I don’t know if Sacher-Massoch is particularly reliable as a feminist.  But it is interesting to look at “companionship” (along with membership in the same age cohort) as a criterion for a peer-like and working relationship in the story.  It’s unclear as to whether Pierre & Marie have “equal” roles (he found work, but it’s not in any way implied that she was working… so how did she spend her time?  Etc.).

Post Revisions:

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