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From peer production to peer learning

Main actor

Julian, an enthusiastic convert to the power of peer-learning.

Main success scenario

  1. Reflecting on the success of Strategy as Learning, Julian notes that other housing associations might benefit from this process. He also notes that as most housing association boards are made up of volunteers like himself, there is a very wide variation in background, knowledge and skills, and therefore not only a need for low cost (free) learning opportunities, but a range of skills available to enable them.
  2. Julian sets up a peer learning resource on the web, drawing on the experiences in implementing Strategy as Learning, and promotes it through industry-specific web forums. He draws attention from an online journalist writing in the housing field who writes a positive article, and as a result a growing number of collaborators come forward.
  3. Over a period of a year or so, the core team of active users collaborate to create standards and exemplars in relation to different aspects of housing association governance that become a de facto standard in the sector.


  1. Obviously a very specific use case that could easily be generalised
  2. Possible patterns to extract? Seeding Peer Communities, Emergent Standards, Emergent Assessment ???

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