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Improving the efficacy of research funding

Main actor

Javier, who works for the European Commission.

Main success scenario

  1. Javier is interested in research topics like “data analytics” and “emerging topics in ICT” — things that will influence learning technology in the next 5 years. He is also concerned about how best to fund work on new learning and teaching environments.
  2. He wonders what the barriers and incentives are in this niche.  For example, why does research work frequently not have the broad-scale societal impact that the EC hopes it might?
  3. Javier is invited to a pæragogy event, in which some unexpected experts on “broad scale impact” help him understand that intensive funding for research is often not going to have the desired effect, since, for various reasons, even well-funded research projects are frequently not well connected to actual practice.
  4. He starts to build pæragogy into funding calls: smaller pots of money going to projects that connect with what people actually do, working with partners like the Wikimedia Foundation and the Free Software Foundation to multiply effort by involving volunteers.  It’s time for him to take a well-earned vacation.

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