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Making our own tools

Main Actor

Howard runs Rheingold University and teaches courses at UCB and Stanford.
  1. Howard created the peeragogy project, as a place to experiment and learn: “I want to experiment as much as possible with peeragogy, with the group of contributors here, with the co-learners in Rheingold U, and with other groups in the future. I want to personally use the tools we’re building. I know something about how to do it, and can make substantial contributions. But I also am learning a lot about how to do it from others, and expect that to continue.”
  2. Although “bringing a volunteer project to completion [...] isn’t a guaranteed slam-dunk”, Howard learns by doing: “If I had it to do over again, I would have thought out the work flow and delineated it before we started talking about how to do the project.”
  3. With both frequent, and other less frequent, but thoughtful, contributors, the project continues to develop, and will indeed complete somehow (even if no one knew quite what to expect in advance).  Howard and other contributors have learned a lot in the process – and this will be useful both for the duration of the peeragogy project, and in future projects.  As hoped!

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