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Pæragogy helps solve complex problems

Main Actor

Neo, who is a hacker by night, and an office worker by day (and who reads Baudrillard in his spare time).

Main Success Scenario

  1. Neo lives in New York City, and works as a programmer in an office near Wall Street.  His day-job involves finding patterns in market data (see Kevin Slavin’s TED talk).
  2. He has been walking past Zucotti Park on his way home and more or less he finds this protest stuff annoying (he has other stuff on his mind).  But one of these evenings, one of the protestors catches his attention (she’s dressed rather strikingly…).  They talk a bit, and he comes away thinking about what she said: “All our grievances are interconnected.”  What if all the solutions are interconnected too?
  3. Night time: Neo becomes increasingly obsessed with this idea.  He’s pulling down lots of web pages from OWS activists, from companies, from government websites — again, looking for patterns.  What would it take for OWS folks to solve the problems they worry so much about?
  4. He eventually stumbles across the idea of pæragogy and it works like the “red pill”: it’s possible to solve the problems but only by working together.  It would be hard to engineer a social media platform that will actually help with this (OWS folks mostly use Tumblr and aren’t necessarily all that technologically minded).  But he starts working on a tool that’s geared towards learning and sharing skills, while working on real projects.  At first, it’s just hackers who are using the tool, but over time they adapt it for popular use.  Then things start to get interesting…

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