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Peer Learning on the Technical Edge

Main Actor

Jess,  a hacker and engineer who develops new libraries and programs quickly and on the bleeding edge of new technologies.

Main success scenario

  1. Jess develops something new and totally cool and drops the source code in GitHub.  These tools are developed rapidly and are a much lighter “learning lift” than learning say an entirely new programming language.
  2. She creates documentation for her new library and puts it up on a web site for other developers to read.
  3. She is trying to find a better way for other developers to learn how to use the new tools and libraries she creates and starts thinking about peer learning.
  4. How can she use what tools and processes or methods that are already out there to engage other developers to learn from and with each other digitally? (Jess has no background in learning theory and is not in the educational field.)  She finds the peeragogy handbook and a lot of this stuff starts to click.

Post Revisions:

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