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We are the 1 percent

Main Actor

Trinity, the daughter of a Texas oil magnate.


You Make Me Like Charity by The Knife

Main success scenario

  1. Trinity has spent the last year traveling around the world to join in various #Occupy protests.  Her aim is to get people in the movement thinking about how they can empower themselves.
  2. It’s tricky though, because as much as she knows she has an impact on individuals, she still sees a lot of problems in the world, which, given her manic-depressive tendencies, she tends to find very disturbing.
  3. She reaches out to other folks who are privileged in one way or another — and a bunch of “normal folks” — trying not only to bring about political change, but trying to establish a degree of personal friendship and camaraderie, and a feeling of “belonging in the world”.  For her, this is a constant struggle.  She finds that working with other people on concrete tasks keeps her from spiraling into a state of gloom.  In the mean time, she’s also building a tremendous amount of knowledge about the way social movements and political processes work.


“The Knife is now recording a new album to be released in 2012.  Lately we have read a lot about the ongoing discrimination of Romani people in Europe which is totally unacceptable. The forced evictions must stop and adequate alternative housing must be arranged. Now!” — The Knife

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