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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. How To Use This Handbook
  2. An Overview of Peer Learning
    1. Which is more fun, skateboarding or physics?
    2. What kind of help do you need?
    3. How should we structure things?
    4. Can we work together on this?
    5. How do we know if we’ve won?
  3. Motivation
    1. Case Study: 5PH1NX
  4. Patterns, Use Cases, and Examples
    1. Problem Solving
    2. Patterns
    3. Antipatterns
  5. Convening a Group
    1. Play and learning
    2. K-12 Peeragogy
  6. Organizing a Learning Context
    1. Adding Structure with Activities
    2. The student authored syllabus
    3. Connectivism in Practice — How to Organize a MOOC (Massive Open Online Class)
    4. Participation
    5. The Workscape, a learning platform for corporations
  7. Co-Facilitation
    1. Co-Working
    2. Designing a platform for peer learning
  8. Assessment
    1. Following the money, assessing profitablity
    2. Researching Peeragogy
  9. Technologies, Services, and Platforms
    1. Forums
    2. Wiki
    3. Real-time Meetings
  10. Resources
    1. How to Get Involved In the Peeragogy Project
    2. Peeragogy in Action
    3. Style Guide
    4. Meet the Team
    5. License



  1. Use Cases


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