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Peeragogy Handbook Translation Teams


Joining or Create a new translation team ?

 Are you ready to get started ?

Before you can get involved in one of the Open project translation, you’ll need to be a member of one of our teams. You can either join an existing team or create a new one by contacting one of our translation coordinators. Teams are always tied to a language and can be a member of more than one team at once. Keep in mind that there can only be one translation team per language.

  How it works:


If you want to join or create a new translation group and make this resource available in your language you are very welcome and fell free to contact one of our coordinators.


How to find us:

Translations Group mailing-list

Peeragogy Handbook Github

Peeragogy in Action G+ Community

Italian G+ Community

Spanish G+ Community


Handbook Translation Coordinators:

Italian: Fabrizio Terzi

Spanish: Paola Ricaurte





Fabrizio Terzi

  1. Sinergia d‘apprendimento individuale ed organizzativa   100%
  2. Manuale di Peeragogia V1.0 EN-IT    100%
  3. Manuale di PeeragogiaV2 (4%)


Paola Ricaurte

  1. Spanish Peeragogy-Handbook articles
  2. Peeragogy Short version/Spanish


Up to Activities.

Post Revisions:

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