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This section reprises the "What's Next" steps in all the previous patterns, offering another view on the project Roadmap in its emergent form.

▶ Peeragogy

We intend to revise and extend the patterns and methods of peeragogy to make it a workable model for learning, inside or outside of institutions.

▶ Roadmap

If we sense that something needs to change about the project, that is a clue that we might need to record a new pattern, or revise our existing patterns.

▶ Reduce, reuse, recycle

We've converted our old pattern catalog from the Peeragogy Handbook into this paper, sharing it with a new community and gaining new perspectives. Can we repeat that for other things we've made?

▶ Carrying capacity

Making it easy and fruitful for others to get involved is one of the best ways to redistribute the load. This often requires skill development among those involved; compare the pattern.

▶ A specific project

We need to build specific, tangible "what's next" steps and connect them with concrete action. Use the Scrapbook to organize that process.

▶ Wrapper

We have prototyped and deployed a visual "dashboard" that people can use to get involved with the ongoing work in the project. Let's improve it, and match it with an improved interaction design for

▶ Heartbeat

Identifying and fostering new and new working groups is a task that can help make the community more robust. This is the time dimension of spin off projects described in Reduce, reuse, recycle.

▶ Newcomer

A more detailed (but non-limiting) "How to Get Involved" walk-through or "DIY Toolkit" would be good to develop. We can start by listing some of the things we're currently learning about.

▶ Scrapbook

After pruning back our pattern catalog, we want it to grow again: new patterns are needed. One strategy would be to "patternize" the rest of the Peeragogy Handbook.