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Review the intention what did/do we want to accomplish?

Work on our last review of the paper

What and how are we learning?

Same as before we are making progress on the paper Met a new person in Giuliana who had awesome ideas & questions Realized we need to answer More questions from the intro

What are some different perspectives on what’s happening?

Went great getting new perspectives with Giuliana Becoming even more fluid, our discussion and onboarding of new people Her presence gave us fresh perspective, rich example of how newcomer can come & enrich the discussion Example of how we can try to make peeragogy more accessible to new people

What did we learn or change?

Best learning mode for peeragogy might be experience (peeragogy in action) Learned more about newcomers

What should we change going forward?

Promote our hive editing videos more as examples of collective mind In action seconds of hire editing in action so person can see what its about Can we use this PAR method to write the conclusion, make sure we answer questions in introduction