As a collection of patterns grows, some of them may lose relevance.


Not all of the patterns are equally relevant and some will become completely irrelevant as a project evolves.


It is important to "tune" and "prune" the collection of patterns. Bring a real-time aspect to debugging individual patterns using the following five-part "Paragogical Action Review" @peeragogy-handbook [Chapter 28]: (1) Review what was supposed to happen. (2) Establish what is happening/happened. (3) Determine what's right and wrong with what we are doing/have done. (4) What did we learn or change? (5) What else should we change going forward?

After asking these five questions with respect to progress made with any pattern, the pattern will likely become clearer and/or show its irrelevance. Periodically run a full audit of the pattern catalog. After a thorough review, any patterns that cannot be revised to become relevant for our current interests can be moved to the Scrapbook.


We want to keep the attention focused on the most relevant issues.


This pattern reminds us to improve our patterns, and presents a method for refocusing.

What's Next

Regularly go through the Pattern Audit Routine in our future meetings.