1. Intention: what do we expect to learn or make together?

Solidify our group Have more time to talk Prune some of the good ideas

2. Establish what is happening: what and how are we learning?

Discussed, came with notes from last week

3. What are some different perspectives on what’s happening?

Having a better way to have a garden of notes LV: Thinking I was speaking a lot JC: Leo had a bit of crackle LV: wants to try to give voice Telephone interface perspective — others may want to join by phone Jitsi could be an opportunity BBB has some extra features? FSF controls. You need to be a sponsor of FSF to use their Jitsi, but not sure if they support phone calls David: thanks for being patient w/ me as non-researcher answering my questions about Org Roam!

4. What did we learn or change?

"Emacs Research Group" "How to support transdisciplinary research?" 1-to-1 tutorials as way to go forward Learning about Org Roam AUS-ERG to coord w/ as we go forward

5. What else should we change going forward?

Could switch moderator role from time to time? Can also have Leo be ongoing moderator if he’s up for that! David’s tutorial material will be ready to look at NA: Will want some help to set up + use the tech Many can look into the Logseq/OR/Firn ecosystem Meeting w/ Jethro can be challenging (but worth it) Leo, please follow up w/ JC about paper! Meta-review of PARs later? DOT+LV, looking at Peeragogy book Allow up to 2 hours to discuss? — But we will put all the key things in 1st hour Use David’s 1-to-1 as a template Schedule further 1-to-1s for January? Meeting 19th — followed by break