Review the intention: what do we expect to learn or make together?

Joe Noorah and Leo wanted to convene a meeting with interested parties in Emacs+Research Address longstanding worry about "wait until next year" Part of a greater sense of trying to do something with EmacsConf to federate the community

Establish what is happening: what and how are we learning?

Met for an initial 70 minute meeting (via Zoom) Everyone shared a brief intro and ideas so we got to know each other Joe took notes via screenshare... we all took notes (as academics)

What are some different perspectives on what’s happening?

Cameron: We are meeting for the first time so there’s a lot of intro information We generally agreed that we want to make something that exposes intrinsic value of using these tools Vaguely agreed on follow-up directions, this seems to be a general consensus, often with full agreement (e.g. on testing and making a collaborative Org Roam work, to further cement as tool for collective thinking in combination w/ individual) David: there are ways I could help out with extra elisp, helping figure out a package, intro elisp workshop Joe: Leo did an amazing job facilitating the meeting Ray: I was impressed by the diversity of the group in background & levels of use

What did we learn or change?

We can do this! We feel empowered Wonderful outcome from attending EmacsConf 2020! Public Policy conference: (How to get a grant?)

What else should we change going forward?

Ongoing dialogue Maybe with breakout groups Need for governance for this; getting public, taking time we need going forward Many actions need to be taken forward but we have too many right now: maybe this should be the next objective to pick a good viable project to go after now Can set up a shared Org Roam + Firn instance: do we want to use this? Can work have something similar w/in Org Roam Someone to schedule the next meeting... accomodate UTC+8, maybe use BBB; Leo will publish scheduler