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  • Currently being translated into an Org Roam ‘Zettlekasten’ which is what you see here

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Overall statement of purpose

This is what I wrote about v5, it should be adapted to v4:

The Peeragogy Handbook is a hands-on guide to peer learning and peer production. It is, itself, a peer produced work with 38 contributors. My project will remix the Handbook contents with public domain materials from the NYPL’s archives to create a guide to learning and adaptation in the Anthropocene era. The project will connect the contemporary practice-theoretic concept of peeragogy with its historical precedents, and connect NYPL’s archives with a vibrant participatory citizen-scholarship model.

Key objectives for the v3-to-v4 upgrade

  • ‘Patternize’ w/ explanation & introduction

  • Enhance & have more patterns

  • Make everything more practical with mini-handbooks

  • Separate discussion + theory?

  • Things like names on chapters — To discuss later.

High-level Outline of the book: Peeragogy as a pattern