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The context in which Peeragogy is applied is explored in several case studies.

Within the Peeragogy project, our working context seems to contain a number of significant sub-contexts:

Context as pattern

  • The problem of context: to manifest relationships

  • The solution of context: put problems into communication with solutions

  • The context of context is always a bigger context

Next steps

PATT Podcast production meetingspodcast

  • These are now regularly scheduled, every week (optional, RSVP for interested people)

  • For sourcing guests, doing promotions, include e.g. Arlington Media

  • Good to have future guests along if they can drop in

  • Production meetings set up to run weekly on the public peeragogy calendar

PATT Upcoming podcast recording sessionspodcast

  • Charlotte is maintaining the Master Schedule of podcasts as a spreadsheet

    • These dates are copied into the public calendar when they get firmed up

  • Some unofficial possible topics and themes are as follow:

  • Peeragogy Of Course scheduled for the 12th — details need to be firmed up. Presently many of these various possible attendees have been invited...?

    • Howard and Melanie

    • Sherry, Kristy, Pete

    • … and the course participants would need to be confirmed — maybe 5, people pop in and out

  • ‘Difficult conversations’ — ‘Crucial Conversations’ & difficult conversations, sticking to facts. What other people — Henry Pierce could come along for this one (Washington, Texas, Mass., Minn.)

    • Intercultural communication, differences in cultures & communication — Judith had some training in this (e.g., relating to body language, noticing where people’s eyes are going...); now relevant every time you go on a Zoom call.

  • “Peeragogy in Brazil” w/ 3 or 4 guests — Vitor, Monica, Hermano, Analua...? Noting, in the Brazilian context:

    • Teachers are overworked, people are losing their jobs, people worry about the vaccine

    • If peeragogy is some extra thing, then people won’t do it

    • Vitor can gather 10 or 15 people but they might not make a lot of noise about it

  • Wiki revisited - the 2 additional sessions we had planned (maybe Pete, Monica, Judith would all want to drop in)

  • Podcast about the podcast to wrap up the first season?

    • Maybe invite the Streamyard creators themselves sometime.

BACK Book meetingshandbook

  • Pick one weekday morning and one weekend?

  • Announce on social media

PATT Get podcast contributors lined up & committedpodcast

  • Contact, spreadsheet, checklist

  • Can each podcast become a chapter?

BACK Podcast checklist can become a chapterpodcast

  • W/ Vitor a potential reader...

BACK Blog about progress?website

  • Share Sacha's guide and start doing it!

BACK Develop an Outreach patternpodcast

TODO Convert Berkeley 3 week into next pitch [50%]course

  • (50% done, but need to figure out who we are actually pitching to!)

  • Can draw on the longer version for Tufts as needed

  • Melanie and Howard are interested

    • [ ] Start by making a natural extension of the 3wk v and compression of the Tufts v

    • [ ] Set up little sessions to do the course, maybe doing 30 minute or longer sessions to build up the topics

    • [ ] Outreach to students as appropriate

    • [ ] Diploma for completing the course - origami