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Since we have been at it for quite a while we have a lot of data on how things have been going, but maybe not yet such a clear sense of where it’s going.

In order to get anywhere we need to keep apprised of all of our resources; as well as whether and how they are sustained.

In any enterprise it makes sense to be careful to ‘spread tasks thin, not people’.

The Peeragogy project is an example of A specific project. To sum up what we do:

“Finding tools to facilitate peer production & peer learning experiences”

We think that people who are interested in our work may be in two main tracks:

  • People who want to build their own ‘peeragogy projects’, and:

  • People who just want to improve the way they work

One of the challenges is to identify why we are doing a next edition (and maybe another edition after that). We should have a clear understanding about what worked and did not work in the previous versions, and why, so we know what to revise, why we are revising it and it can lead to informed discussions about how.

This itself is work in progress.

Next steps

  • For now “project” is one of the tags used on, but it should probably develop into its own pattern.

    • There’s a short-form draft at the top of this page

  • The way this is framed seems related to Carrying capacity, maybe these are actually two aspects of the same pattern