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  • Bryan Alexander

  • Paul Allison

  • Elisa Armendáriz

  • Régis Barondeau

  • Doug Breitbart

  • George Brett

  • Suz Burroughs

  • Joseph Corneli

  • Jay Cross

  • Charles Jeffrey Danoff

  • Analua Dutka-Chirichetti

  • Julian Elve

  • María Fernanda Arenas

  • James Folkestad

  • John Graves

  • Kathy Gill

  • Matthew Herschler

  • Gigi Johnson

  • Anna Keune

  • John Laing

  • Kyle Larson

  • Roland Legrand

  • Amanda Lyons

  • Dorotea Mar

  • Christopher Tillman Neal

  • Ted Newcomb

  • Stephanie Parker

  • Miguel Ángel Pérez Álvarez

  • Charlotte Pierce

  • David Preston

  • Howard Rheingold

  • Paola Ricaurte

  • Laura Ritchie

  • Verena Roberts

  • Stephanie Schipper

  • Lisa Snow MacDonald

  • Fabrizio Terzi

  • Geoff Walker

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Future contributors: Note also that we will require a similar copyright waiver agreement. That said, the waiver also means that you are free to do essentially whatever you like with the content in your own work! Have fun!

How we came to this decision

These Creative Commons license options were proposed by various members of the community:

  • CC Zero - public domain; no restrictions for downstream users

  • CC By-SA - requires downstream users to include attribution and to license their work in the same way

  • CC By-SA-NC - requires downstream users to include attribution, to license their work in the same way and disallows any commercial use of the content

After a brief discussion, no one was in favor of restricting downstream users, so we decided to go with CC0. We agreed that we would get enough "credit" by having our names In connection with this discussion, we agreed that we would work on ways to explicitly build "reusability" into the handbook content.